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Competitive Pricing

There are three principles of success for consulting firms:

  • Fair Rates for the Consultant
  • Fair Profit for the Company
  • Fair Value for the Client

Many companies in the industry maximize profits by squeezing consultants for lower rates. The companies pick on those with the least power to maximize profits – especially those most vulnerable to this practice – H1B and Green Card workers. Regardless of your work status, it is a Medarcus policy to offer a Fair Rate to all consultants for all jobs – guaranteed.

Medarcus Fair Rate Guarantee Logo
Medarcus Fair Rate Letter from the CEO

The success of our Fair Rate Guarantee with our consultants gave us pause to consider a similar approach to customer pricing. As an emerging technology company, we are more agile than our competitors with higher overhead and many business units. At Medarcus data quality is our core business. All work is done on-shore in the United States and is overseen by our Principals. As a result, we are able to offer the best quality of services while offering value-based services to match the customer needs.