Duplicate and overlay medical records pose great medical risk to patients and extraordinary costs to hospitals – $11 Billion per year and growing.

“One patient – one record” increases patient safety, reduces patient misidentification risk, improves revenue cycle, and eliminates HIM costs associated with detecting and merging duplicate medical records.
Cost per
Duplicate Record
Average %
Duplicate Records
SurePatient™ is an innovative system that improves patient safety, reduces treatment costs and medical ID theft by positively identifying patients to eliminate duplicate and overlay medical records.

SurePatient frees HIM staff from manually reconciling duplicate medical records allowing more time for other issues.

At all points of registration, SurePatient analyzes existing EHR data using proven, multi-factor identification techniques that utilize identifiable patient data combined with soft biometrics, mathematical analysis, and fuzzy logic algorithms to identify likely existing medical records.

This preventive solution drastically reduces the cost to achieve and maintain low levels of medical record duplication.

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    Patient Safety

    Positive identify patients prior to treatment

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    Reduce Costs

    Reduce unnecessary tests or treatments

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    Improve Revenue Cycle

    Accurately bill for treatments on correct patients

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    Eliminate Remediation Projects

    Prevent duplicates from occurring at registration

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