One Secure Patient Record

EMPI cleanup increases patient safety, reduces misidentification risk, improves revenue cycle, and cuts costs by detecting and merging duplicate medical records

Healthcare Data Platform


Combing the master patient index (MPI)

Finding the correct patient

Optimizing productivity at the point of registration

Identifying & finding the correct patient record

Easy workflow integration

Scouring the MPI

Discovering duplicate medical records

Identifying hidden duplicates

Researching suspected duplicates

Merging by credentialed HIM MPI team

Aggregating data integrated from SurePatient Match

Identifying key performance indicators

Real-time reporting

Reporting customized to suit the client’s needs

Data as a Priceless Asset

SurePatient Analytics presents current and historical trends in your data, potentially revealing opportunities for improvement in training, productivity, patient care quality, clinical data, diagnosis, and business outcomes


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